The Blue Bunny’s Journal

Simply put, this is a blog I plan on running that’ll cover various aspects about myself, my writings, and whatever else I have on the mind. I do intend for it to be largely PG-13, though given that I’ll also be blogging about the Furry Fandom as well there’s a chance that topics might stray into more adult themes. Nothing too terribly balking mind you, but if I’m going to aim to give folks who are Non-Furs a chance to see the niche world of Furries I feel that I must be honest and not try to sanitize things.

For those not in the know, the best way to describe “The Furry Fandom” is: folks who are big time fans of anthropomorphic animals. No, that’s it. Really. You don’t have to have some odd disgusting fetish, you don’t have to even own a fursuit or do anything inappropriate in a fursuit, or be an artist, or draw lewd things, or heck even have your own persona (or fursona as they’re called in the fandom), or any other kind of odd fancy. If you like animal characters or heck even just animals, that’s enough to qualify you as a furry. Though me personally, I prefer to let people self-identify; that is you’re a furry if you say you are, not if someone else labels you.

For those who might be interested in “The Blue Bunny’s Journal”, which takes its name after my own mascot/fursona, Niko Linni (I know, confusing), click here.