Niko Linni and Friends

Hello there fellow Dazzlers and new players alike!

What’s there not to like about YouTube?

Okay, so there’s a lot to not like about YouTube, but one can’t deny that there’s a lot of nice things that one can discover on there. From great music, to hilarious videos, and even informative review shows, YouTube really seems to have something for everyone. Heck even Old Time Radio can be found on YouTube (here’s to you that actually know what OTR is. I appreciate your visitations).

And so, I decided to take three of my closest characters, Niko Linni, Tamagi Stardust, and Razzle Joestar, and see what I could do with them on YouTube. What ended up happening is what I now refer to as “Niko Linni and Friends”, a YouTube channel with a unique concept: each of these three characters all produce their own unique content for the channel, and each character has their own niche. Niko produces short “Muse’s Corner” videos where he talks about various subjects (and is also credited with doing general upkeep of the channel), Razzle does various game play videos often in the style of Let’s Plays, and Tamagi does his own gaming videos as well, though usually it’s concerned more with music video games. What’s even more is that all of these videos are done in character. If it’s a video done by Niko then the description, the video, heck even replies to comments will be delivered in character. You can also catch them around YouTube commenting on various things here and there as well, and true to the concept, it’s all done in character – with the character commentating tagging their name at the end of the comment, of course.

To be honest, activity on the page fluctuates. It’s still something I’m debating on moving forward with or cutting severely back on, but regardless I would like to share what I have with you all. If you’d like to check out Niko and Friends, head here.