Dream Parallax

Infinite possibilities.

One of the interesting things about Fanfiction is how writers can take a familiar story line, plot, characters, and so on and create their own little alternate, unique twist on it. There are so many “Alternate Reality” storylines that do so much more than slightly change something; it can range from something as simple as taking a beloved character and morphing them into a deranged madman, to giving a new perspective on a villain, to even taking elements from another story and mixing them together to create this really interesting blend. I can’t tell you how many fanfictions I’ve seen that take Bethesda’s Fallout series and blend it with whatever they’re in the mood for.

This is what drives my Dream Parallax series. The idea behind it is that there is a central group of characters that are “replicated” in various alternative universes and realities. And the reader gets to explore these alternate realities along with myself as I come up with various scenarios and worlds, as well as different forms, takes, and interpretations of existing characters and locations.

However, I like to play with the idea of playing with alternate realities, and will try to come up with concepts and ideas that explore various “What if?” questions. What if Niko was a wandering bard in a science fiction setting trying to find his place in the world? What if Ahkin Setun was not exiled from his homeland and instead Wesserx took up his research and utilized the dark arts he was researching? What if Frankie and Friends were actual mortal creatures, not androids? What if the cast were humans who all met up at an exclusive club, with each patron having their own reasons and secrets? And so on and so fourth.

I also seek to explore other ideas and themes utilizing a cast of mainly anthropomorphic animals. After all, humans have been using anthro animals to explore all kinds of ideas, themes, and morals, from the political, spiritual, societal, and even satire. As such, I aim to give readers something more than exciting action. Perhaps I can even give readers something to think about. That’s a tall order, and do I have what it takes to fill it? Only one way to find out.

Dream Parallax‘s current “active serial” is titled Haunted Suite, a story that pays homage to Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s, Toby Fox’s Undertale, and various other productions in a blend of fantasy and science fiction. It features the family restaurant and entertainment center, Richie’s Family Circus, and the various trials and obstacles it goes through under its new manager, Ahkin Setun. Richie’s is home to The Animatrons, magi-tech androids built in an extremely life-like fashion complete with actual, functional life-like personalities that’re pulled straight from the “Willow’s Tales” cartoon series. However, while Ahkin tries to handle his robotic workers other groups might be moving in on the restaurant to attempt to use the animatrons for their own purposes – one of which may be associated with a conspiracy that not only involves the city of Lunaria, but the whole of the Eastern Union as well.

Dream Parallax has its own main page which you can find here. For more information on Haunted Suite, as well as to read the story, click here. Though keep in mind that Haunted Suite is undergoing a revision – the old version of the story will be left online for your reading pleasure until some chapters from the revision are ready to go.

Like all Dream Parallax stories it is being serialized for free online, with future eBook editions planned for later.