About Me

All you need to know about a blue rabbit.

The name’s Niko Linni. No, that’s not exactly my real name; rather, it’s a pen name that I’ve chosen for myself. I don’t know why, but I’ve always imagined that I would be writing and publishing under such a thing for the majority of my life. Perhaps it is just another form of the online screen name, or perhaps I just like the ring of “By Niko Linni” more than “By Ignacio.” Though, it is nice to have my pen name line up with the alias I also use online a lot, which is also Niko Linni. Helps people know it’s all done by the same guy, y’know? Though it doesn’t help that one of my characters, who also does time as my mascot, is named Niko Linni as well. Kinda makes things confusing at times.

Currently I’m living over in Southern California – or “SoCal” as a lot of folks down here like to call it. Working, going to college, trying to figure out the next scene for my stories, wondering if people like anthropomorphic animal fiction, that sort of thing. Also trying to figure out life and the direction to take it, can’t forget that one.

When I’m not neck deep in plot devices or college text (or any text in general) I can usually be found marauding around SoCal – specifically the Los Angeles area. I’ve thrown my lot in with a peculiar community known as “The Furry Community”, or “The Furry Fandom.” If you want to know more about that, check out the “Blue Bunny’s Journal” page; I go a little more in-depth on that. Many folks in the online world have heard about Furries – that is, those who consider themselves members of this fandom, but not too many outside of The Fandom have heard about them or know that much about them. So I figure I ought to publish something to help inform those who really don’t know much about this rather niche community.

My ultimate goal is to, as my younger self used to put it, “Publish Something.” Of course, this was many years ago when eBook Publishing wasn’t a thing, so I suppose the new goal is to “Publish Something and Have People Enjoy It.” My current major project is “Dream Parallax”, the proposed idea behind it being one where the same characters and even places are seen over and over again in alternate realities and universes, only each time there’s something different – usually something massively different. While it might be interesting to imagine an alternate universe where Nicholas is a villain that…well that’s been done before. Why not something more interesting, like one universe he’s a wandering bard and the next he’s an android with bardic powers, or a video game character, or something along those lines? That’s what Dream Parallax is about. Exploring those infinite possibilities.

Currently the story is on its first serial, Haunted Suite. This is a story that contains scifi, horror, and fantasy elements that centers around a family restaurant and entertainment center named Richie’s Family Circus owned and operated by a rabbit named Ahkin Setun. Richie’s is a unique place for its incredibly life like animatrons, androids that serve primarily entertainment purposes, that were taken from the old family cartoon series “Willow’s Tale.” These animatrons are more than simple robots, however; they are completely alive, with full on personalities and all that entails. And so it falls on Ahkin to try to keep his diverse cast of “organic lifeforms” together while other groups and factions attempt to move in and secure these animatrons for their own purposes. It’s a story I’m quite looking forward to writing, and I hope you all will join me on Haunted Suite’s main page when the new revision gets going.

If you wish to contact me, the best place to do it is either on my Facebook page, Niko Linni, or through my Twitter @authorniko. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope to see you out there somewhere. Just, wherever or whatever you’re doing, don’t give up. Believe in yourself.