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Niko Linni is a writer living in the Southern California area that focuses on a variety of projects, such as science fiction and fantasy stories featuring animal characters, YouTube videos that range from game play videos to Podcasting, proofreading and editing fiction, and learning the ins-and-outs of social media to help better his brand and the brand of others in his community.

Below you will find links that will take you to other parts of the site where you can learn more about Niko and what he’s up to. About Me will take you to a short blurb that’ll give you more info on his story; Dream Parallax will take you to a post where you can learn more about the overall concept for his stories – he’s also got some short stories and poems you can check out on this site as well; Niko and Friends details a YouTube channel that has a unique theme behind it, as well as information on his other channel; you can also catch up on Niko’s adventures by checking out his blog; and you can also read some articles he’s written about a particular niche nerd community over on The Game of Nerds.