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And so, the curtain rises.

Greetings! Welcome to the main site for author Niko Linni. I am a young writer currently living over in Southern California who mainly works on science fiction and fantasy stories, but also ventures into other avenues as well, such as producing YouTube videos of various formats, and even writing nonfiction video game articles. When I’m not scribbling out the latest exploits of my characters I can be found partaking in a rather niche community or hitting the books either through self education, or college courses.

Below you will find links that will take you to other parts of the site where you can learn more about me and my works. About Me will take you to a short blurb that’ll give you more info on Yours Truly; Dream Parallax will take you to a post where you can learn more about my main series and the current active serial for it (as of now, Haunted Suite); The Blue Bunny’s Journal will take you to a post that details a personal blog that I aim to have up and running soon; Niko Linni and Friends details a YouTube channel that I have that has three of my main characters as the stars; and finally The Game of Nerds is where you can find some information on a super cool nerd blog that I’ve started writing for.